January Goals: Mid-Month Check-In

Let’s see how badly I’m doing on my goals for this first month of the new year!

1. Remove myself from any email lists I don’t use. I haven’t technically done this yet, but my intentions are good. What I have done is create rules for certain email lists to be filed directly into certain folders/inboxes. That way they don’t clutter up my main inbox, but I can still find them if I’m dying to know about the latest shopping deals. That’s something, right?

2. Organize miscellaneous areas in our house. I have been working on this, hooray! I’ve come up with new solutions and bought storage bins, and so far I’ve reorganized our hodgepodge collection of tools, overflow of desk and office supplies, and plethora of lotions and bath items that I inevitably get as gifts. Still on the to-do list are the “junk drawer” in our laundry area containing mostly lightbulbs and batteries, blank CDs and empty cases, picture frames, and lots of T’s random tech equipment. #takeittoworkplease

3. Meal plan and grocery shop once a week. This has actually gone fairly well. I did great the first week and we ate way better than we have been. This past week I didn’t do as well with sticking to a schedule, but we managed to cook at least a few meals at home. I will be heading to the grocery store tomorrow to stock up for the coming week.

Are you sticking to your goals this month, or have you already fallen off the bandwagon? Let me know!

January Goals

I know I’ve already shared my 2015 goals, but I also know myself, and I know I will achieve my goals much better if I break them down into smaller chunks. So here is my short but important list of things to accomplish during the first month of this brand new year.

1. Remove myself from any email lists I don’t use. I get a million emails from stores and websites every day, and I end up looking at about .003% of them. By the end of the month, I’m going to go through them and unsubscribe to all the ones I haven’t found useful in the last six months.

2. Organize miscellaneous areas in our house. I already have a list of various collections of items around our house for which I need to find new storage solutions. That list includes, but isn’t necessarily limited to, tools, lightbulbs, batteries, lotions and bath products, toys, tech equipment, and instruction manuals.

3. Meal plan and grocery shop once a week. T and I are really trying to develop a healthier lifestyle this year, and part of that should include cooking at home. We eat out a lot right now and we know cooking for ourselves more often would make a big difference in our health. I really want to create a dinner schedule each week and stick to shopping on the same day each week, to work it into my schedule more easily.

What are your goals for January? How will you be starting the year off right?