The List List

I am the queen of lists. I’m a chronic list maker. I love looking at a list and feeling like everything is all organized, all in order, right there on paper. In my life I’ve probably made almost every kind of list there is. (Maybe I should make a list of all the lists I’ve ever made…) You can even find some of my lists on this very blog: irrational fears of minewhat I’ve learned from working at a dental office, how to be awesome at public transit, reasons we’re not parents yet, my travel bucket listwhy my husband rocks, and even some surprising things you may not have known about me.

I might have a problem.

I might have a problem.

Inspired by Jen at That’s What She Read, I’ve created a list of lists I need to make.

  1. Things I should spend my afternoons off doing
  2. Books I want to read
  3. Goals for future months
  4. TV shows to get into
  5. Stuff I want to buy
  6. Adventures for T and me to go on on our road trip this spring (more on that to come!)
  7. Photos I want to frame
  8. Dream roles
  9. Lifetime bucket list (everyone needs one of these)
  10. Household projects to do
  11. Criteria for my future dream home
  12. Things I wish I were better at
  13. Blog post ideas (see previous twelve items)

That’s all I’ve got for now. Do you love making lists more than a normal person should?

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