A Birthday Ode to My Husband

Sorry ladies, but T is basically the greatest husband ever. On his 27th birthday, I would like to share just a few of the reasons why I think he’s the best.


1. He’s a wonderful man of God and a strong leader in our church. Not only does he participate whole-heartedly in music, he is a fantastic youth leader and is even taking on a much bigger leadership role on the governing board of elders. It’s inspiring to see how passionate he is about his faith and helping others grow to know Christ.

2. He’s brilliant. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to marry someone who was smarter than me. It always seems to me that T knows, well, everything. He teaches me things all the time without making me feel dumb, and that’s priceless.


The mustache obviously makes him smart.

3. He’s great with all things smaller than him. He loves to snuggle our kitties (only on their terms, of course), and it’s so fun to watch him with little kids. Plus he knows exactly how to handle the not-so-little kids… by sitting on them, of course.


Nora probably started meowing loudly and pushing his face away right after I took this picture.

4. He loves to play and often lets out his inner child. When he’s not being a technology master or reading books that are way over my head, he can usually be found playing video games from his childhood or watching old cartoons on a Saturday morning. Sometimes he’ll spontaneously tackle me or show me a YouTube video that end up with both of us scream-laughing. And of course, he loves Christmas more than almost anyone else I know.


5. He’s thoughtful. Every year for our anniversary, he makes me a flower out of whatever material corresponds to that anniversary. So far I have one made out of paper, one of two-dollar bills (two years is cotton, get it?), and one made out of leather. How awesome is that? It’s a really special tradition that I look forward to every July 1st.

6. He’s always supportive of me. When I was pursuing a singing career, he was supportive even when it took me away from him. When I decided to give that up, he supported that too. I know he wants the best for me, even when I sometimes don’t know exactly what that is.

We're in everything together, even things that cause us to make these faces.

We’re in everything together, even things that cause us to make these faces.

7. He has taught me what it means to forgive and love unconditionally. Even on my worst days, he is an example of God’s great love and mercy. It’s only since we’ve been married that I truly understand how our relationships on earth should reflect our relationships with God, and what it means to be the bride of Christ.

Happy birthday, T! I love you!


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