Beach Boys – Christmas With the Beach Boys

Like a good California girl, I’ve always loved the Beach Boys and their very recognizable barbershop sound. In my mind, their music is associated with sand, sun, and surf, with some classic cars thrown in the mix, so it’s kind of fun in a weird way to hear them singing Christmas songs on Christmas With the Beach Boys.

The first thing T said when I hit play on this album was, “Isn’t this the same melody as ‘Little Deuce Coupe?'” To be fair, the song was “Little Saint Nick,” so it could totally have worked to just change the lyrics of the original song. If you’ve ever spent more than about five minutes listening to the Beach Boys, you know that all of their songs start to sound the same after a while, so the melodies do tend to run together in one’s head. It’s also hard not to picture southern California beaches, the usual image that goes along with the Beach Boys’ music, just with a few Santa hats or garland-bedecked light posts. Of course, that could be because that’s the visual I have of my own visits to Pismo Beach around Christmastime. Yes, it’s true… Christmas even comes to California beach towns.

There’s a lot going on on this album. There are classic tunes as well as obscure ones, and in some cases there are multiple versions of songs (there are three of the aforementioned “Little Saint Nick”). There’s a somewhat odd orchestra-accompanied arrangement of “We Three Kings.” There’s “Santa’s Got An Airplane,” complete with something vaguely resembling airplane sounds. And there’s the Beach Boys’ take on “Mele Kalikimaka,” which is really the perfect song for their Christmas album.


4 thoughts on “Beach Boys – Christmas With the Beach Boys

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