November Goals Wrap-Up

It’s hard to believe November is already over (though I definitely say that at the end of every month). Sadly, I did not do as well on this month’s goals as I should have.


1. Clean my house thoroughly, one room at a time.

Trying to complete this goal this month has made me realize that cleaning my house is an ongoing, never-ending project. Between cat hair/sand/residue from the cat tower, loose papers, shoes, stuff that used to live in the car we donated in September, and random tech equipment, it may be that our house will never truly be clean. I may need to rethink this goal and break it down into more manageable chunks in the future.

2. Get cast from one of my auditions this month.

Of the three shows I’ve auditioned for thus far this season, I’ve gotten rejected from all three. Ugh. I have an audition tonight and another one next Saturday, one of which will hopefully be fruitful.

3. Save another $300.

I’m happy to say I have rocked this goal and even exceeded it! It helps to be getting an additional paycheck every two weeks now that I’m conducting our church choir (more on that some other time).

4. Finish learning music for Don Giovanni.

Nope. Not even close. Moving on.

5. Plan a January retreat for my church choir.

It’s in progress. I’m still working on getting a venue, but I’ve definitely informed my choir members about it and I’m making sure it gets on their calendars. Once Christmas is over, I’ll get to do a lot more detailed planning, which will be fun.

How did you do on your November goals? Better than me, I hope!


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