October Goals Wrap-Up and November Goals

It’s hard to believe October is already over. Here’s how I did on my goals for the month.

October Goals photo

1. Have at least two voice lessons.

Accomplished! In light of my career decision I’m going to try to continue having them, but probably more like once a month.

2. Go to barre class at least twice.

I went zero times. Womp womp. I suck at motivating myself to work out… anyone have any tips for me?

3. Learn all my recitatives in Don Giovanni.

I managed to get most of them learned (and some memorized), but I didn’t quite finish by the end of the month. I’m okay with that though. There’s still plenty of time.

4. Save at least $300.

Accomplished! I picked up a sub gig at a church on a Sunday afternoon, so I was able to use part of that paycheck to meet this goal.

5. Finish That Hideous Strength and read another book in its entirety.

As you know from my mid-month check-in, I actually already accomplished this. So I went ahead and read ANOTHER book in its entirety: Songs of Willow Frost by Jamie Ford. I’ll be posting a review of it soon.

And as for my November goals…

1. Clean my house thoroughly, one room at a time.

It looks like T and I will be hosting at least one Christmas this year (we participate in about five Christmases over two days), so I want to get our place to a party-presentable state.

2. Get cast from one of my auditions this month.

I’m auditioning for five different shows (seriously) over the course of November and the first week of December, and I’m really hoping to get cast in at least one of them. I would have to choose just one anyway because they all perform at the same time, but I would really like to do a show this spring.

3. Save another $300.

Pretty straightforward. We need to get on this whole saving-for-a-house-and-kids thing, so the more I can contribute, the better.

4. Finish learning music for Don Giovanni.

I probably won’t quite make this one, but I can try. The good news is, I already know most of Act 1 and my Act 2 aria, so really it’s just the big ensembles.

 5. Plan a January retreat for my church choir.

Now that I’m taking over church choir starting this week and I can run things my way (mua-ha-ha!), I really want to take them on a one-day mini-retreat on a Saturday in January to start working on music for the spring, particularly Holy Week and Easter. I would love to get this on the calendar and planned by the end of November, before things get absolutely insane during Advent.

How did you end up doing on your October goals? And what’s on your short list for November?


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