Stitch Fix, Round Two

A few months ago I hopped onto the Stitch Fix bandwagon. In case you need a refresher, Stitch Fix is a subscription box that allows you to decide when you want to get your next one. You fill out an extensive style profile, link up your Pinterest board for inspiration, and a stylist compiles a box of five items for you based on your size and style preferences.

I received my second Fix in the mail today. Admittedly, I am probably too low on funds right now to have justified it, and T is probably going to give me a disapproving look and shake his head at me when he sees this post. But I think in a way I dodged a bullet, because this Fix wasn’t nearly as exciting or spot on as my first one.

Opening up the box is always exciting, like having a mini-Christmas.

Opening up the box is always exciting, like having a mini-Christmas.

I received a pair of black skinny jeans, a dress, two tops, and a knit jacket in this Fix.


I wish these hadn’t been too small. I love stretchy skinny jeans, and I would love to add a pair of black ones to my closet. Bummer.


It seems like the “in” style right now is loose and drapey, which is great if you have a tiny chest, but if you’re more like me, drapey tops just make you look huge, especially when combined with an elastic waist. Plus the neckline was too low and I didn’t love the pleated skirt.


I had a similar issue with this top as with the dress. It was too loose-fitting to be flattering on me. Ah well. It does fit in with my taste for clothes that are feminine and romantic, so my stylist didn’t get it totally wrong.


I actually almost ended up keeping this top, despite the looseness. In the end though, I decided it was kind of plain. If it had had some kind of embellishment on it, maybe sequins or a rosette on one of the shoulders or something, I would probably have loved it and kept it.


This knit jacket ended up being the only winner from this Fix. It fits me the way I like, it has a fun asymmetrical zipper and big wide collar, and it’s warm enough for my freezing cold office while still being lightweight enough for our mild Bay Area winters. Plus it replaces a jacket of similar style that I’ve had for several years but is now too big for me. Hello Poshmark!



Note: This is not a sponsored post. However, if I have convinced you to give Stitch Fix a try, please use my link so that I can get a credit towards my next Fix!


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