Bad Drivers and Harrassment

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: Bay Area drivers are the worst.

One time, before T and I were married, he was driving me home one night and we saw someone turn left onto the wrong side of the road and then just sit there.

Another time, in college, we saw a biker get hit by a car. The bike and the guy did several flips in the air and landed in the middle of the street. Luckily the fire station was two blocks away, and the guy ended up being fine.

A third time, we were driving home from our church (which is in the middle of a notoriously bad driving area), and the person next to us at a stoplight was so anxious to get through the light that they just kept inching forward. By the time the light turned green, they were literally in the middle of the intersection already.

About six months ago, I was driving home in the evening and changed lanes completely safely and legally. The person behind me in the new lane, who was going about 20 MPH over the speed limit in a red sports car, followed me to the dry cleaner where I was stopping on my way home, parked their car in the middle of a lane in the parking lot, and ambushed me as I got out of my car.

A couple of weeks ago, I was stopped at the last left turn before home on my way home from rehearsal. The person in the left turn lane next to me rolled down their window and started yelling “HEY!” over and over at me. When I didn’t respond or look at them, they proceeded to throw things at my windshield. Luckily a) it was just a couple of pretzels or something and b) the light changed right then.

And those aren’t all the stories I have. I’ve seen people stopping right in the middle of expressways in front of me, people making right turns from the leftmost lane, people driving 40 on the freeway and 80 on the streets. I’ve also been in accidents where I got rear-ended and the cop wouldn’t even bother taking my information because I was a 20-something woman in jeans and the other person was a middle-aged man in a business suit. This very day I got cussed at for pulling up to a stoplight and preventing someone from making an illegal left turn on the other side of the road. The number of times I have been verbally harrassed by other drivers for my perfectly legal, safe driving habits (read: only been pulled over once, ever) is shocking. If only we had a halfway decent public transportation system, there’s no way on God’s beautiful green earth that I would even bother driving.

Do you have any awful driving stories to share?


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