Happy Third Anniversary to Us!

Today is T’s and my third wedding anniversary! On the one hand, it feels like yesterday that we were crying our eyes out together at the altar, dancing our first dance to Michael Bublé’s “Everything,” and watching my brother and his two best friends sing us their toast in the form of an Irish drinking song á la Whose Line is it Anyway. On the other hand, it feels like we’ve been married forever, which isn’t completely crazy because this fall we will have been together for ten years!

Abel Soria Photography

On our wedding day, July 1, 2011. We were such babies!

Whoever said that marriage gets better every year was totally right. I think that’s because the longer you’re married to someone, the more the two of you change to become more compatible with the other person, whether it’s a conscious choice or not. The person I was when I walked down that aisle three years ago is not the person I am today, but every day by the grace of God I become more and more the wife that T needs and deserves. And he deserves so much. He has an incredibly huge heart and is quick to put others first and make sacrifices for our students, for our families and friends, and for me. His capacity to love, forgive, and support is just amazing, and I’ve learned a lot about those things from him in the past three years.

Every year on our anniversary we take a photo, and for a big anniversary down the line I want to get them all framed and see how we’ve changed over the years. Here are the first three!

First anniversary, after church on Sunday morning.

First anniversary, after church on Sunday morning.

Second anniversary outside my mom's house, before heading to Monterey for the weekend.

Second anniversary outside my mom’s house, before heading to Monterey for the weekend.

Third anniversary, last night after our fondue dinner. Yum!!

Third anniversary, after our fondue dinner. Yum!!

These pictures are also a reminder of how even though our circumstances may change, and we may change as people, our friendship and commitment to each other will never change. I can’t wait for a million more years of marriage to each other!


3 thoughts on “Happy Third Anniversary to Us!

  1. Happy Anniversary! You both seem to be getting better with age. 🙂 Love the photos every year, we do something similar as well but wearing all or a part of our wedding outfits.

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