Gadgets I’m Coveting

I have a board on Pinterest titled “Want.” It’s full of cute articles of clothing, household decor, jewelry, and other miscellaneous items. Today I present to you some of the awesomely geeky, yet probably-life-enhancing tech gadgets on my wish list.

1. This teacup warmer from Brookstone would prevent me from always having to microwave my tea or coffee. It’s just not as good after that.



2. This iPhone photo printer from Hammacher Schlemmer would save me the trouble and expense of having to get my photos printed at Walgreens.



3. This bottle cap humidifier would let me steam anywhere, anytime I’m not feeling 100% and singing is imminent.



4. This personal-size travel Crock Pot from Walmart would let me bring warm lunches anywhere, and even cook them while I’m sitting at work.



What are your must-have, dream gadgets?


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