Back to Reality

Well, The Pirates of Penzance closed on Sunday. It was a wonderful run––I had a great time and got a fantastic review, the show got better and better every weekend, and I think the company actually even made money on it. It’s always hard to see a show go, but I know I’ll work with several of the people again, and it’s time to move on to something else, i.e. four concerts in the month of May.

In parting, here are my souvenirs from the show.


My Act 2 costume slippers, an engraved keychain flask that was a gift from the director, my trusty score, the DVD of the show, and a poster signed by every member of the cast. D’awww!

And a special bonus souvenir:

ImageYes, that is a bruise. I fell down several stairs during the third weekend of the show, and shockingly enough, this is actually the upswing of it. A few days ago it was much darker and completely solid-colored. I won’t tell you which part of my body it’s on.

And with that, I say farewell to Penzance and to Mabel for a while. Until we meet again!


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