Opening Nights and New Beginnings

Until this afternoon, I had not opened my laptop for 48 hours. That’s unheard of for me.

Since my last post on Friday, I have sung three performances of The Pirates of Penzance, taught five hours’ worth of voice lessons, gone to church for Sunday morning service/Sunday night youth group/band practice, and started a brand new job as the front desk assistant at my dentist’s office. As you can see, not a lot of time to do much computing. (I did, however, have time to take a nap and watch part of the UCLA-Arizona basketball game. Go Bruins!)

So here’s what you missed:

  • Opening weekend of Pirates was a great success. All three nights were almost sold out, if not completely sold out––it’s hard to tell when you’re focusing on so many other things onstage, not to mention staring into bright lights. No major mishaps, except for one broken doorknob and one missed entrance (thankfully not by me), and the good news is that it will only get better from here. The other good news is that now that we’ve opened, we don’t have any more weeknight rehearsals, so I get to return to all of my normal evening activities. Huzzah!

My very first entrance onstage, in which I sing about a thousand notes on one syllable. Photo courtesy of Lance Hundley.

  • On Saturdays I teach at a local music school/studio that provides private music lessons, dance classes, and performance opportunities. Most of my students are between the ages of 6 and 12, and almost all of them are obsessed with the movie Frozen, which means I get to hear “Let it Go” about ten times a day. I’m working on redirecting some of them into songs that are, shall we say, more age-appropriate (i.e. no Katy Perry either).
  • It’s so great to be back at Sunday night youth group after a few weeks off for rehearsals, especially because it’s one of the things that T and I enjoy doing together. Last night we did a photo scavenger hunt, where we looked at a list of possible photo ops and tried to cram as many of them as possible into 15 photos, and then posted those photos on Instagram. You can view our team’s 15 photos (as well as my other Instagram material) here and see how awesome our students are.
  • Because nannying is a split-shift job, I’ve spent the whole year up until this point trying to fill my daytime hours. Most of the things I’ve found to occupy myself, while certainly worthwhile and productive, have not been fruitful in the financial department. Last week, though, I managed to get hired as an office assistant at my dentist’s office, and I started today. I have a little bit of prior office experience, plus I’m good with computers and technology (until they break), so I think I’ll learn pretty quickly. I’ll even be able to continue working there after the school year ends and I’m no longer nannying, so hopefully I’ll be able to pick up a few more hours then.
  • Special bonus news: Cal Poly, my alma mater, won the Big West championship on Saturday and are going to the NCAA March Madness tournament! This is a big deal because Cal Poly historically sucks at most of the sports that the rest of the country actually cares about. They’ll obviously go all the way, so adjust your brackets accordingly.

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