Photography Friday

Happy Friday! It’s opening night, so I’m spending the morning relaxing, going to work for a couple of hours this afternoon, and generally just trying to rest my voice.

I’ve got summer on my mind right now. Maybe it’s the absolutely gorgeous California days we’ve been having, or maybe it’s seeing all my friends and students posting about our upcoming youth group houseboat trip on Facebook as we try to take registrations in advance, but I’m dying to be out in the sun, on the lake or by the pool. So this week’s Photography Friday is brought to you by my favorite summer sunshine photos. Granted, these are just some of the most recent ones, because let’s be honest… when you live in California, almost every day looks like it could be summer, and you inevitably take a lot of pretty blue-sky photos.


A sunflower field on the side of Highway 5. T and I were on our way home from a camping trip when something under our car came loose. We pulled over right next to this beautiful field, and while he crawled under the car in 100-degree weather with a roll of duct tape, I snapped some pictures. Typical.


A pretty tree blooming on my way downtown. Allergies galore, but I loved the colors.


Byington Winery, up in the Santa Cruz mountains. I went for a friend’s bachelorette party last summer and the views are spectacular.


Sunset on Lake Shasta. I can’t wait for houseboats.


Panoramic shot of Trinity Lake, my favorite place in the entire world. I’ve come almost every summer since I was little… plus T and I had our first kiss here in 2005 and got engaged here five years after that.


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